Holiday Gift Guide 2021


I have 2 teenage sons, a 17yr old and a 12 1/2 yr old. It can be such a task figuring out what they want or what do they already have or what do they enjoy. With Christmas around the corner I began thinking what would they want? So I asked both of the boys and here is what they asked for:


My kids and I use water bottles daily. And when My oldest lost his water bottle we had a replacement in the house. Unfortunately it’s a bit too small for him so he asked for this, he wanted the largest size possible.

Nintendo Switch 

My boys are gamers and love being able to play, let alone having a selection of games or gaming systems to play with. I like the idea of a game system that incorporate the whole family.


You’re thinking “Your teen asked for soap?” Yeap, he did(lol). My older teen is big on maintaining his hygiene. We found out about Dr.Squatch last year and he has been a fan ever since. It’s a great to give , you can buy a 6 months supply.


Bioré has great products when it comes to caring for the face. The boys like the strips that help remove dirt from their noses.


Gift Cards 

You can’t go wrong with a gift card. It gives your teen the ability to shop for what they want or need.



What’s teen doesn’t LOVE snacks!? My kids boys most definitely do. And they love to try snacks from all around the world. If your teen does too check these snacks out.

I hope these recommendations helped in your shopping ventures for your teen boy. 

Merry Christmas 🎄 

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  1. The new Nintendo switch is sure to be a winner this Christmas!! Love that your boys have a favorite soap and boots strip too

  2. My kids aren't teens, but they LOVE snacking. I'm sure they'd both love to check out that snack box with snacks from around the world!

  3. The idea of gift cards is awesome. I'm sure your boys will love these gifts.

  4. My son has a Nintendo Switch on his Christmas list this year! I'm as excited as he is about it!


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