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 Father’s Day is approaching and coming up with ideas can be overwhelming. What does Dad need? Or What was it that he asked for the other day?


My husband Travis isn’t that much into gifts, so it makes it even harder to figure out sometimes what to get him. I know Travis leaves home for work at least once a month. So I decided to focus on what he uses/needed when he is going out of town. I created a list of Dad’s Traveling Essentials.


                                                  NECK PILLOW 

I know that Travis usually travels by plane and he might fall asleep. So I looked into travel pillows that would be comfortable for resting. I found this on Amazon and looks like it will keep him comfortable during the flight.



This makes for a great gift for a traveling Dad. To be able to keep all his toiletries in one place. Herschel has the cool looking backpacks, it makes for carrying a toiletry bag look so sleek.




I noticed my husband Travis was holding his phone for a majority of the plane ride. I began looking for an easy alternative to having the phone being held without actually holding it. I went on Amazon and I found the flex-n-go


I know everyone loves AirPods but I have found something that is less expensive. Especially when on a plane and you accidentally leave them on a plane.... These pair I found on Amazon, they work really well. So well that we have purchased a few of these Sound Core brand earbuds.


I already have packing cubes but i had seen on Amazon this other option for packing. It’s called a Stow-n-go luggage organizer it makes packing clothes easy. You fold the clothes into the compartments and when you arrive at your  destination you pull it out and hang it up.

I hope that these items that I listed help in the decision making process.


                                    ~~HAPPY FATHER’S DAY~~

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  1. These are all really good practical gifts for him! Great ideas!

  2. These are awesome ideas! Wireless headphones a key to traveling.

  3. Woah these were all really great gift ideas!! - Grace


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